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21 October 2018


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The House

The House

The land included the houses of nDalem Gamelan is about 800 square meters. Main house consists of two parts that is a big room that has stair with crowded-motif-floor and another side signed with plain-yellow-floor. The floor made from antique cement tile produced by an old factory that still keep the production process original, the same since Dutch times. Almost whole wall of main house is still original, as well as the doors and teak pillars.
In the first part which has crowded-motif-floor, there are two bedrooms face right to the dining room and a smaller room without door called “senthong” between two bedrooms that actually the main part of the house. In this dining room, there used to  be the place for welcoming guests of high social level. 
Another part with plain-yellow-floor used to be the room for welcoming guests of lower social level. From this room, there is a door face right to the road that is the access to straightly interact with the lifebeat of Jero Beteng.

Another house is pavilyun, separate 1 meter behind main house. This house is new. It is about 100 square meters with dining room and small garden.

As its unique construction with antique furniture, surrounded by beautiful gardens and large lawn, nDalem Gamelan was several times lent for romantic wedding reception.

In nDalem Gamelan you can enjoy massage and drink "jamu" (tonic made of medicinal herbs) which you can buy right across the house. It is a most impression moment at nDalem Gamelan in the evening, you can sit at veranda while having hot ginger.

In this area of Jero Beteng still there are old houses which some have large yard shaded with luxuriant old sapodilla trees. It is a best way to surround this area until Sultan palace and square by "becak" (pedicab).

Staying at nDalem Gamelan, you are occupant and the owner all at once. As the location is inside Kraton's fort area, which Kraton is sacred place in Javanese culture, the occupants are expected to participate in keeping Javanese culture everlasting.

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